3DI Studio | 17th Street Market changes unveiled
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17th Street Market changes unveiled

We first told you about plans to knock down Shockoe Bottom’s well-known 17th Street Market. The city now has new images of what they are calling an urban plaza.

“Think about Charlottesville’s mall…a comparison right up the street,” said Shockoe Bottom Neighborhood Association President David Napier. “But it will be uniquely Richmond.”

Napier hopes the changes will attract a more family friendly crowd.

“It’s going to have water features,” said Napier. “It’ll have little jets that kids can run through and play in the water.”

The budget is currently $3.6 million. Much of that money will go toward burying the many power lines in the area.

“And this is not related to any other development conversations in Shockoe Bottom,” said Jeannie Welliver with the city economic development department. “This is going to happen. It is in the budget. It has been approved by our mayor and city council and has their full support.”

Welliver says the project would still incorporate space for farmers and their produce.

“We’ll have wi-fi, outdoor dining…one large plaza,” said Welliver. “It caters to the bicyclist and the pedestrian and the segway person more so than vehicles.”

City officials say they hope to finish the project in time for the UCI Road World Championships in 2015.

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